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Talon TR170RL520

Part #: TR170RL520


Radialite Design Rear Sprockets (520 pitch)

Radialite Design Rear Sprockets (520 pitch) available from 40t to 65t in Black, Blue, Gold,Orange, Red and Silver and 66t to 76t available in Gold or Silver.

Picture may vary from actual product

All Talon rear sprockets are made in ‘in-house’ in the UK.

Talon Radialite design rear sprockets have a self-cleaning groove under the teeth on both sides of the sprocket. They are made from aircraft specification aluminium and anodised in gold for stock. They are, however, available in a variety of other colours to order, including black, blue, green, mag, orange, red, silver and titan.

*Some sizes may incur extra prices

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